The unparalleled success of Crystal began with - and is still rooted in -an expressed commitment to a superio rstandard of excellence and level of service within the luxury hospitality industry. This standard is one that Crystal continues to raise, as the company reaches new milestones and new travelers.

Founded in 1989 as Crystal Cruises, the company established the first true luxury travel experience at sea with the launch of its first ocean ship, Crystal Harmony. Crystal Symphon and Crystal Serenity followed and, with them, came continued accolades for the Crystal Experience™, with noted acclaim for the supreme level of service found aboard the elegant ships. The last 25+ years since have seen several stylish redesigns that have kept the ships at the height of elegance and latest technologies, groundbreaking itineraries that have reached all corners of the globe, and innovative experiences on board and ashore that explore the culinary and adventurous elements of worldwide cultures.

In 2015, under the new ownership of global leisure and hospitality company,Genting Hong Kong, Crystal announced plans to expand the company's fleet over the following years, as well as broaden its offerings into new markets. The Crystal portfolionow comprises Crystal Cruises, Crystal River Cruises, Crystal Yacht Cruises and Crystal Expedition Cruises, with new vessels set to launch over the next several years.

Throughout the venture, Crystal has expressed its continued dedication to the elevated standard of service and attention to detail across all brand extensions, expanding on its offerings of acclaimed butler service aboard Ocean, River and Yacht experiences. Combined with luxurious spaces and amenities aboard its ships, adventures ashore and access to sites only offered by Crystal, this dedication has remained true to Crystal's original cornerstones of service, space, qualityand choices.

Today, nearly 30 years after the launch of Crystal Harmony and more than a decade spent as a two-ocean ship cruise line, Crystal has grown to includesome ofthe world's most awarded travel experiences.




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